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The aim of the sprint day was to do a single lap of the track as quickly as possible from a standing start. One of the Viper drivers had told me about the event so I was looking forward to seeing them go round although they, along with a few others, had to ease off the line slowly in order to avoid too much wheel spin.
The Aston Martin Owners Club were also in attendance along with a range of Lotus' I have been told that the following were on track at one time or another, although this list is by no means complete:
DBS V8, DB7 Vantage Volante, DB6, DB4 GT, DB7 Coupe, DB7 Volante, Jag E-type lightweight, Ford GTD40, Chevy-powered Sceptre GTD R42 and many more besides. If you can name them please drop me a line and I'll update this list.

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