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The theme for the 2nd Breakfast club of 2008 was Modern Day sports cars and drvers cars from the 80's onwards and so this promised what sounded like a good mix of cars from all walks of life.

The weather forecast said there would be snow that morning but when I left work just after 7am there was no sign of it and my friend who lives near Goodwood assured me there was just a little bit of drizzle in the air. Heading down the A24 and I passed through a little snow shower and thought 'oh, they were right about the snow then' and soon I was at Goodwood and there was no sign of either snow or rain.

I had a quick look at the cars that had arrived so far and tracked down my friend in his FRS to say hello to and then whumph the snow started to fall thick and fast. Being the professional / tough bloke / idiot (delete as applicable) that I am I headed out to the starting line whilst most people headed for shelter...

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The above photograph also made Pic of the Week on Pistonheads.

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