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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010

My 3rd Festival of Speed and the first time they have had a motor show element prequel day. I was therefore intending to attend for at least two days on my own as my family also wanted to come along that made it three days but as I managed to obtain very basic press accreditation I ended up going on all 4 days.

There are numerous highlights as would be expected from 4 days of attendance, and even still some things passed me by. So in no particular order highlights for me included; the Lamborghini Reventon roadster, McLaren MPC-12, yellow Ferrari 458, the assortment of curvaceous American classics including the famous Cadzilla from ZZ-TOP, the Citroen concept cars, Ken Block and Chris Meekes chucking their cars around the forest stage not forgetting the sheer noise of the cars at close range.

I have whittled down the 2000+ photos and split them in to 4 distinct galleries:

  • Supercars, Cartier Style et Luxe, display stands and everything else that is not one of the below
  • Racing cars of all shapes and sizes
  • The rally stage
  • Motorbikes, army vehicles and aircraft

Please click below for the various galleries; I had hired a couple of lenses for the event and this was the first time I had the chance to practice with them.

A special thanks to the McLaren guys I was chatting to who are obviously passionate about the car, with good reason too, and to Eds dad and his entourage for bringing along their car. Also thank you the owner of the WRC Corolla for letting my daughter sit in it, made for a great show and tell at school.

Bikes and bits
Festival of Speed 2010 - Motorbikes

Rally and off road
Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2010 - WRC

Racing cars of all shapes, sizes and noise
Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2010 -racing

Everything else

All images © DSW 2010.