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Wow. This has to be the busiest Goodwood Supercar Sunday. Ever.

As I was staying near by on the coast I thought I would get there early but I still got stuck in the supercar queue for about 20 minutes (not that I am complaining).
After parking in the field an walking down I hoped there would be something special on the grid and I was right. A few not-so-subtle hints on a few forums led me to believe that the proud owner a newly aquired McLaren F1 GTR would be there and sure enough there it was.
In addition there were 2 Bugatti Veyrons, a yellow Ferrari Enzo plus a few F40s and Lamborghini LP670 SVs. And the Saywell Zonda, and Jaguar XJ220, Ferrari 458, the current range of Lamboghini Gallardos plus a whole heap more (but no CGT or F50). In fact it was so busy that the car parks were full and people had to park on the track mixing it in with the supercars.
Oh, and there were loads of people too enjoying the exotica.. so why not join them.

Goodwood Supercar Sunday 2010

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