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Now in the third year this event keeps growing in size and quality. As is normal an early start was the order of the day and not wanting to leave my car in an unsecured location I had an even earlier start than most.

Once again I was to be powered by a raging bull, this time in the form of an iconic 6.0 Lamborghini Diablo VT, the last of the Diablo models before the Murci arrived. With the PH press fleet out in force we had good fun checking out the new McLaren MP4-12C which was being used as a camera car.

Gurston Down were the hosts for the morning and the weather was on our side. An impressive line up of cars took to the hil and many more played it safe in the company of the car park exotica. Then it was off to the huge crowds at Wilton House itself where later on the sound off will take place and my ride scored a respectable 120 db with a completely original factory set up and exhaust.

Just some of the cars from the day are: Aston Martin one-77, Aston Martin Virage, two McLaren MP4-12C, assorted Ferraris including an F40, F50, black Enzo, couple of 599 GTO and a 129 db Enzo. Assorted Lamborghini from the Countach and Diablo, Gallardo, Murcielago all the way to the brand new Aventador. There were 3 different Koenigsegg models - the CCR, CCXR Edition and the flagship Agera which won car of the show. Complementing the Edition was a gorgeous Pagini Zonda Carbon F. There were also two different Moslers, two Bugatti Veyrons, a yellow Porsche Carrera GT, blue Jaguar XJ220 and a host of American muscle and German engineering.

And I've probably still left loads out so check out the gallery and videos for yourself:

Aston Martin One-77

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