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This event had been arranged, for the most part, by a single person in his spare time and was invite only for the morning fun, with the static display being open to the public.

Another early start, and this time I had to hope for a ride as nothing was pre-booked for me. Thankfully Nick pulled up in his Murcielago just as I arrived and so the camera car was sorted, now to wait for everyone else.

By pure chance the single Veyron parked up in front of us ready for the off, meaning that I could get some great tracking shots of it as we headed through London and down the motorway. After a couple of stops to pick up more cars (and petrol) we arrived at the Gurston hill climb course for a leisurely morning.

Afterwards it was off to Wilton House, where I finally got to see my first road going McLaren. Not too keen on the colour scheme but I can appreciate the reasoning behind it as this was a GTR version.

All in, a great day out and with a lot of money raised for the Stars Appeal charity. Thanks to Nick for the ride there and well done to Jay and Will for all the time and effort put in to the day.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so happy reading.

Wills Veyron

All images copyright DSW 2009.