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The Childrens

Dunsfold park is better known by most as the home of the Top Gear test track. On a slightly overcast day in May, some of the guys from Club Scuderia and Petrolhead Nirvana had arranged a fund raising day in aid of a locally based charity The Childrens Trust, Tadworth. This charity helps children (and their families) with multiple disabilities throughout the country and over 30k was raised on the day.

Billed as Dads Day Out I had booked an Italian Supercar ticket for an afternoon slot but once again it turned in to a dad and daughter day out. This meant that I only took a small number of pictures and my daughter got to ride in a Ferrari 308 GTB round part of the Top Gear track! I also missed the chance of a ride in the CGT but family comes first.

Some of the cars on track that day were a Ford GT, Carrera GT, 2 KTM x-bows, an F50, 3 F40s a plethora of 430s, 360s and 355s and a smattering of Lamborghinis. There was also a good selection of cars in the display area, including the tasty Muria below.

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Muria at Dunsfold Park

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