Saywell International
March 2009

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Having seen photos from a previous Saywell International day I knew I had to try and make the next one and see some of the legendary AOG fleet. Getting there whilst the drivers were in the briefing session meant there were not a lot of people in the way and the cars which were all lined up waiting to be noise tested. The stunning Diablo SV and Koiensegg CCX were parked up knowing full well that they were too loud to take part that day. These fine machines were soon joined by a CLK DTM that presumably failed the test.

Not to worry though, as the cars that made it on track were all of a high calibre, with a classic GT40, a gorgeous yellow Lamborghini LP640 and a black Porsche Carrera GT being, for me at least, the best of the bunch and even the sun was shining.

Throughout the morning more cars turned up in the car park that would have been able to hold their own on track but as I had work later that day I had to leave before the parade lap.

I still managed to take over 200 photos and will be there again for the next one, fingers crossed.

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