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My Liverpool FC supporting wife was a bit miffed that I got to go to the new Wembley stadium before she did. The only reason I was there on a (very) cold December evening was to watch the Race Of Champions drivers have some end of year fun. Almost front row seats guaranteed a close-up view of the action and the noise was unbelievable, but being under the impression that slrs would not be allowed into the stadium I made do with the old Cybershot. This means that there aren't that many pictures for you but I did take a dozen short clips of the cars. Next year I'm taking my EOS!

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The video clips are here, in order of being taken. Not sure who was racing in each clip so you will just have to listen to the commentary to find out.

First race Second race Third race
Race four (I think) Race 5 (I think) Part six
Part seven Part eight Schumacher gets lapped
F1 cars Part eleven Part twelve

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