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Here you will find links to the events that, for one reason or another, are no longer active but were fun while they lasted.

Carbon Black

Carbon Black
Carbon Black was set up by a well known ex-Gumballer and in my opinion was the best of the road rally events out there. They still drive, but without the stickered up cars.

Cannonball 8000

The ex Cannonball 8000
Their adventures often made it on to tv and I was due to be their offical photgrapher the year they went under. Ho hum ...

Candy Run

The ex Candy Run
The Candy Run had an interesting concept and it also introduced me to my first tunnel run.

Broughtons GT

Broughtons GT
Run by the Broughtons dealership.

Hudsons of London

Hudsons of London
Hudsons were the official Pagani Zonda dealership and always worth a visit.

British international motor show

British International Motor show
BIMS only lasted the one year and then the recession arrived.

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