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PistonHeads at Botley Hill

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A crisp late-Winters morning saw a host of cars descending on a pub car park that is, quite literally, only one hill over from where I live. A great season opener for my camera and with the added bonus of it only being a few minutes drive away.

On route we passed the green Mosler going in the wrong direction down the country lanes, thankfully it managed to find somewhere wide enough to turn around. Other highlights included a McLaren SLR 722, Porsche CGT and a DeLorean as well as a host of TVRs, Ferraris, Porsches, Caterhams although no Lamborghinis.
The sun never made an appearance through the think fog and mist, making it a slightly eerie atmosphere as it blew across the car park but at least it made for a clear background on some of the shots.
There is talk of a summer meet there but being England you can never guarantee that the sun will shine that dayÉ

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CGT, Mosler, 360

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