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Not strictly a PH meet as this was aimed purely at the exotica and organised by the Scudrunners. Because I had work that day I made sure I got in early so I could then drive round the M25 to Cliveden House before they all went. As it transpires I managed to beat some of them there, latching on to the procession not far from the House.

Cliveden was a great location and the cars just fitted in so well it was difficult to know where to start with the photographs.
The F50 parked opposite the Diablos and SL, the variety of Ferraris arranged in a row and the late stragglers driving up the long driveway. All made for great images, even if people were in the way sometimes.

With a possibility of a repeat run next year I will make sure I am not working that day.

Ferrari F50 and friends

All images copyright DSW 2008.