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Motorexpo bills itself as the largest free to enter car show in the world. And they are probably right too. Dotted around Canary Wharf in the heart of the London Docklands were an assortment of cars, and boats, hoping to catch the eye of the city workers. The weather was great, with the sun reflecting off both the shiny bodywork and the high rise windows.
The Zonda F was a real crowd pleaser whenever itÕs engine started up and even though IÕve heard them many times before you can never get tired of that sound. The lighting for the cars inside was not great and I didnÕt pack a tripod but I still tried my best. I didnÕt win the supercar for the weekend nor did I have a go on the Landrover course. But I did get to see the new Beira, BMW X6 and DBS to name but a few.

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Corvette at Canary Wharf

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