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Over the Easter weekend a local Sussex town of Horsham goes Italian, for charity. Not being able to get there on the Friday to see the Ferraris I did go on the drizzly Saturday. The meet point was a little village a few miles away and having found somewhere to park my car I headed over and waited for the cars to arrive. Despite the weather there was a great turn out of cars, including the Zonda F that was recently sold for 700000!
Other cars there were a Lamborghini Diablo SV, Gallardo Superleggera, Gallardo Sypyder, Murcielago and Murcielago Roadster, Ferrari 550 and 599, Koenigsegg, various De Tamasos and a handful of Maseratis.
The damp conditions meant that the convoy over was quite sedate, but it is not often you look in your wing mirror and see a line of exotica stretching behind you.

Due to the nature of the event there were lots of crowds meaning I could get very few clear shots but they all seemed to enjoy the sight of the cars, and who can blame them.

A big thanks to Phil for the ride in the SV and to Ged aka Knight for the ride back.

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Zonda F B1AOG

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