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What kind of fool would drive for almost 5 hours, just for the chance of driving another car for all of 10 minutes? Well, when that other car happens to be a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 there's only one possible answer isn't there?

I have long been a fan of Lamborghini but I didn't have the ubiquitous poster of a Countach on my bedroom wall. No, my poster went one better as it was of the Transformer Sideswipe who transformed from a red Countach into a robot. So in the early hours of a spring morning I got my wife and daughter and headed 'up north' with mixed feelings. I had sat in a few different Lamborghinis at shows and events, but I had only ever had a ride in one of them. Coincidentally this was in the very same LP640 that I would be driving. Driving it around a course, when I'd never even so much as driven a go-cart before. Driving it at Elvington airfield, where Richard Hammond had his big crash. Driving a car with over 600 BHP when my daily drive is a humble 1.6 Corolla. I was going to enjoy this.

Arriving at the airfield the 6th Gear Experience cars were all lined up and silent. That was soon to change as the cars were started up and umpteen thousand horsepower chased the birds out of the trees. It was soon my turn behind the wheel of the Lambo and with slight trepidation and lots of trying to get a comfortable driving position I headed on out to the course.
Okay, so it took me a couple of laps to get a feel for the car and know where to turn, and the crash helmet helped make the engine sound almost tame. I have no idea what speed I reached as I was too busy driving to look at the speedo, and as it was in a Lambo it probably wouldn't be accurate anyway. The drive was over far too soon for me and I'd have loved to try some of the other cars out but maybe I'll save them for another time...

Oh, and my wife got to drive a Ferrari 360 Modena which she got up to 110 MPH.

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Driving a LP640

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