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2009 review

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How time flies when you are having fun, (or are overworked)! We are already at the end of 2009 and despite the global downturn I have still been out and about with my camera.

For almost a quarter of this year my wife has been either in hospital or recovering at home, this obviously impacted my ability to attend some events but on the flipside my daughter had her first ride in a Ferrari at the Dunsfold charity day. All three of us are planning to be there next year so rides all round - tickets already booked.

I managed to hitch a ride in two different Lamborghini SVs, a Diablo and the new LP670. The latter being one of the rarer black ones which is based in Switzerland. I also had my first ride in both a Muria and Contach on the same day!

Once again I attended a mix of main events (FOS, MPH, Supercar Sunday etc) and a few low key ones, if you can class anything involving supercars as low key. I finally got to see my first road legal McF1 at the superb Wilton House event, although this was a customised GTR one rather than a pure breed. I also got some great shots of the Bugatti Veyron at this event, would be good to get some shots from the inside though (hint hint).

What the next year will bring no one can say but all being well it will involve more cars and less hospitals.

Thanks to all those involved in the events and see you in 2010

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