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Another year has gone by, another 3000 plus images uploaded, equating to just over one photo taken every 3 hours of 2008. And that figure only includes the ones that make it to the website. I have been busier this year than 2007, attending over 20 events, with only 3 of these related in some way or another to road rallies. Not all events have made it on to the above montage, and some actually appear more than once. BTW, that is me driving the white LP640

I did achieve a few more firsts in 2008 and my images are gaining greater recognition, travelling the globe. Again there are some events that I was unable to attend for that I would have loved to go to and there was also some events that I was planning to attend but had been cancelled. Gumball 3000 was in America this year and I guess my UK track day invite was mislaid amongst their multiple staff changes. I had been given the okay from Carbon Black to pop along to their car drop off and pre-party gathering but family commitments (and security) precluded me from attending the first whilst the 7 hour round trip made me think twice about the second. Cannonball 8000 had asked me to cover their Manchester to Brighton jolly but I was in France that weekend and they had gone under before it came to their main event in September.

The infamous Alex Roy was promoting his book in London and so I popped up town to see him. Still no news on when he will be back over this way but with Team Polizei getting bigger all the time lets hope it will be sooner rather than later.

Following my ride in LP07 EVO last September I thought it fitting that my first drive of a Lamborghini should also be in this very same car. A weekend in York was planned where not only would I drive the LP640 but my lovely wife would also drive a Ferrari 360. If I am ever up North I shall be sure to drop by for some more fun.

The first of many outings to Goodwood this year, this was by far the most surreal and successful. The breakfast club theme was modern sports car legends and being spring time you would have thought the weather would be fine. Unfortunately for some owners the clouds opened and it snowed quite heavily. I got some excellent shots, one of which made it on to the front page of Pistonheads and has been sent round the globe.

The annual Brooklands Auto Italia and visit to Mercedes Benz world. As usual the Lamborghinis were scattered about the place but it was good to catch up with some people.

A busy month now that summer had arrived. A holiday meant I missed the Goodwood super car Sunday but I made up for it, and practiced my action photography, by dropping by a couple of times when they had a track day on.
There is an annual car show that takes place in the middle of Canary Wharf which sounded interesting so a day off work found me nosing around the latest models on offer and getting deafened by a Zonda.
Two meets rounded off the month; the first was the traditional PH Virginia Water gathering whilst the highlight was the Cliveden House meet which I scuttled off to after work one Sunday morning. The beautiful sight of Ferraris and Lamborghinis with the house in the background made me glad I went.

I was in two minds about attending the Goodwood breakfast club or Cannonball Run Europe as they were both on the same day. In the end I went to both and in an added twist Paul Naden from Carbon Black was taking part, with his Gallardo sporting yet another wrap.
I attended my first Festival of Speed, where many cars caught my eye but my camera stopped working which out a downer on things. It was good to see three versions of the Bugatti Veyron lined up together and I will be there again in 2009, can see why people spend an entire weekend there, but not me (yet).
The British International Motor Show returned to London and it promised to be a great display of both current and previous cars, although still no McLaren F1. The purple Veyron and Zonda looked understated and press day meant that there were no queues to bother about.
To finish the month in a gentlemanly way I headed down the road a bit to where the Broughtons GT event was leaving from one of the country manor hotels.

Another holiday meant I only made it to one event, but it was one worth attending. There was an open day at an Italian engineering specialist, with a little meet planned beforehand. I had a ride in a famous Diablo there and a not so famous Urraco on the way back.

The LCUK annual dinner was smaller than last year but it allowed me to get a closer look at the LP560-4 but as I had to drive up to the hotel there was no rides for me to Auto Italia this year.
With thanks to Angus Dawe for some tickets, I took the family to Silverstone to watch some of the Britcar 24 action as they both love to watch racing but get bored at the static shows.

Once again I attended the MPH show at Earls Court, where the stunning carbon fibre Zonda F and Koenigsegg CCXR Edition were on display.

The final Goodwood breakfast club drew some classics alongside their modern counterparts, and even a bi-plane.
A special meet was organised by PH for supercars only but the only way I could attend was to hitch a ride, thereby granting me my first ride in not one but 2 Ferraris. The total value of the cars gathered was easily in to millions, especially when you consider that there were two Bugatti Veyrons and Ferrari F40s, a Ferrari Enzo, F50, a Porsche Carrera GT, and many more cars. Worth getting up at 4am for!

My wife and I decided to treat ourselves to Race of Champions tickets and managed to get front row seats which provided excellent views of the track and some great photos.

Many thanks go to everyone whose cars appear in my gallery and also to my long suffering wife and daughter who are now even more bitten by the super car bug than last year.
Roll on 2009.

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