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Gumball 3000

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Auto Italia
Auto Italia


Race Of Champions
Race Of Champions

MPH show

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Riding in exotica since 2006

2017 and with the wife recovering from a massive operation less chance for me to get out and about. But will try my best...
And also give this site a revamp

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Videos are uploaded to RallyRiderUK on YouTube

The Supercar Event 2017 Marlboro F1

The 2016 Supercar Event F1 cars

Two Lamborghini Aventador SV launching off the line

The visitor map is a bit tempremental but still looks nice. I cross reference the hits against the other trackers before adding them to the map below.

Visitor Map

This map shows where you are all from, so please say hello and remember to wipe your shoes at the door.

Visitor map

Photographer for ...

Lamborghini Club UK

Contact me Del at this site

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2007 review
2007 Review

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2009 Review

2010 review
2010 Review

2011 review
2011 Review

Team Polizei
The Driver

LFA test drive
Lexus LFA Nurburgring

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